I feel your pain Ashley. Most of my serious regrets are about the people I was actually sort of mean to, for reasons that were, in retrospect, pretty stupid.

The only other thing that springs to mind was my ill-fated decision to forego filmmaking in college and become an art major. The former is still a viable and potentially profitable franchise. The latter is the royal road to some job ghetto for over-educated bums. Becoming an eternally broke adjunct faculty professor is actually a preferred crash-landing spot, even though the janitor gets more respect, to say nothing of his stellar retirement and benefits package.

I could have been shooting the next "Star Wars" and living in my south Italian villa with 3 starlets instead of making 19 year old design majors into narcoleptics. JDA

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I can dig it. I avoided flirtations with film because I didn't want another distraction. I was already illustrating, cartooning, writing, and recording music, and going nowhere in each endeavor thanks to lack of focus. My only similar regret isn't so practical: I wish I had sidestepped art school in favor of studying literature and doing a lot more writing. It would have meant the same future of obscurity in a world of dying print, but I may have at least wound up in a more stimulating academic career. (I also taught art and design classes way back when, and I don't envy your current challenges.)

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