This one’s a bit of test post. My plan here on the ole Substack is to offer these Symptoms Sketchbook drawings as an extra to paid subscribers, while…
When you’ve lived in America for over fifty years, any evidence of reasonable sanity encountered in a foreign culture can seem … foreign. Everything may…
I suppose it was because they were a throwback to a simpler time, these basement dwellers, these mama’s little darlings. They were veterans of the Geek…
1 which Ashley tries and fails to say hello to the German people.
3 which Ashley contemplates the unknown secrets of unreadable books.
1 which Ashley goes footloose and Camry free
1 which Ashley does not enjoy the movie. which Ashley mourns the dork who got away.
2 which a young Ashley comes to terms with the limits of his fandom
3 which Ashley confronts the German sense of humor
... in which Ashley quits while the quittin's good which Ashley fails to cash in once again